Monday, February 28, 2011

My Favorite Time of Year

It it that time again....My birthday month. I love celebrating birthdays so of course I am extra excited when we are celebrating mine. Please follow me for the next 9 days as I post pics of me as a little one.
Not quite sure how far along this beautiful lady is in this pic (aka my momma) but lets pretend it is March 8th 1982 the day before I was born into this world and into an awesome, loving, and fantastic family.

You look gorgeous Momma and I do believe I have some pics of me when I was preggers and we look a lot alike. Well my clothes were a little cooler ;)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hanging out

My little artist has been begging me to paint for some time now, but with Braxton such a busy body and always into whatever he is doing I have said no so many times. Since he did so well yesterday with his dentist appt and haircut appt I caved and said yes. Of course I had Braxton down for a nap during "Art Class"

He had a great time and eventually turned it into finger "hand painting" nothing was messed up or stained during his creativeness

I know you already know what the objects are in his paintings, but for the few who can't quite put their finger on it......Transformer Heads

I know you guessed it!

She is a happy girl today. It is just her and I today, Bryan is out working and Bayler is at school. She likes to think she runs the house on days like these.

I caught her with a highlighter, Me: No Braxton, Her: she opens the lid, Me: Braxton bring that here, Her: she takes off running, Me: you want a spankin, Her: draws all over her face like it is make up (lipstick)
No no pic because I had to punish and then clean off this little girl

These pics were taken minutes before she decided to graffiti herself

Maybe she was giving me an indirect sign that it wouldn't hurt if I put a little make up on once in awhile. You guys must get scared of all my natural pics. But come on, Bryan told me one time that he likes me better with no make up on and I am doing it for him. lol

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Day

First time to the dentist. We had an early morning appointment and I honestly didn't know what to expect. Bayler did great. He was such a big boy. They got all of his X-rays, they were able to use that brush that makes a buzzing sound to clean his teeth and he loved the water thing (the one that squirted the water and the one that sucked the water up) He had a great report from the dentist. No cavities and they said his teeth were aligned well so we can have great hopes for no braces.

We left the dentist and went to get donuts for all of us. Bryan stayed home with Braxton so just Bayler and I could go to his appointment.

Had our donuts and then we were off to get both kids hair cut.
Let just say Braxton was beginning to look like a sheep dog (hair in the eyes) and Bayler's hair was like Bart Simpson (just standing straight up in the air)

Thanks to Lindsey at Salon Escape, she made my babies look like this:

Braxton was a little difficult, not wanting to sit still but we were able to distract her long enough to get this cute little hair style and yes it is stacked in the back!!!! Love it
And Bayler he wants his hair to look like his daddy's!

Hair cut was followed by a great lunch with Gigi and now Braxton is resting and Bryan is going to take Bayler fishing this afternoon. So today has been a pretty eventful day and it isn't even close to being done. Happy Tuesday to you all!!!

On the menu tonight-----Tacos (Taco Tuesday)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Party favorites

So I was so busy I didn't take pics of the food I am sharing but trust me they are so simple to make and a party favorite. First Sausage, Cream Cheese, Jalapeno Cresents. And honestly that is what you need. You add as much as you want: for small parties I use one sausage package, one cream cheese and two tablespoons chopped jalanpenos and two packages of cresents. Cook your sausage, drain meat and then mix together with other ingredients, spread onto cresents and bake according to package. Second Pulled Pork Sandwiches. With your crock pot, cook all day a pork rump add bbq sauce. The longer it cooks the better it shreds. Take out meat shred, empty sauce from crockpot, add meat back in and pour remaining bbq sauce: cook for another hour and there you go!!!! Serve on whatever bread you choose. Simple snack filling foods, they will taste so good your guest will think you slaved all day! Enjoy

Friday, February 18, 2011

Found it

The mystery has been solved....that is how Bayler randomly is chewing gum when I know we don't have any in the house to chew. I randomly catch Bay chewing gum, this has been going on for about 2 weeks. I say "What is in your mouth?" He tells me gum and just smiles. Sometimes I thought he was pretending and sometimes I thought he had is own stash of gum. Well I figured it out today while cleaning is room!

Yep my child recycles his gum! Gross some of you might say, I agree. But when I told my mom about my discovery of Bayler's secret 2 week old gum she informed me that I did the same thing when I was little. Orange flavor gum was my choice and I put my on my night stand.

So I guess like Mother Like Son
Love this little guy

While I was cleaning Bay's room I found Miss Braxton just like this. How cute, plus you get to see the chair I had made for her room!

Happy Friday to everyone

Thursday, February 17, 2011

He tried

So I had to share this pic because the story behind it is too funny. Braxton is asleep and I am doing some office work (setting up the scene) I ask Bay to go out and play 1. Because it is beautiful outside and 2. I wanted the house very quiet. Well he played all that he could play and came into the house loud as ever. I asked as nicely as I could (with my mean MOMMA eyes) for him to be quiet!!!!! This is what he came up with. He said, "Look mom I taped my mouth shut so I will be quiet" As you can see he missed his mouth and could still make noises.

Surprisingly Braxton is still sleeping even over me laughing at the funny little man

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chicken Spaghetti

A dinner that is super easy and my family loves!

Chicken Spaghetti

I know there are many recipes for this dish but here is mine:
4 boneless chicken breast
A package of noodles (your choice, this is made with Penne but I also use Linguine)
Can of chicken broth
Can of rotel
A block of velveeta
1 bell pepper
1 onion

Boil chicken, once chicken is done take out and shred
Pour noodles into water that chicken was boiling in
In a separate pan saute chopped onion and bell pepper
Once noodles are done add chicken broth, rotel, Velveeta (cut into chunks, melts easier)
Then add chicken
Let cook for about 10 minutes stirring occasionally
You want all cheese melted

Easy dinner with a delicious taste


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's Compare

My two sweet babies! The obvious comparison is the age and gender, duh right! I find myself always comparing these two kiddos. Did Bayler still cry at night like Braxton, did Bay get all his teeth like Braxton, ever get sick as much etc..... Well as I was waiting in the doctor's office for Braxton's 15 month check up the question was more and more in my mind, Why do I compare two completely different individuals. Maybe it is just the interest of knowing if they will be anything alike as adults, maybe it is someway attached to comparing them to Bryan and myself, I have no clue but I always do. So I thought I would not compare them today to you on my blog I will just give a little insight on who they are today as individuals:

Sweet and Stubborn Bayler. He is the perfect example of the first child. Not in a bad way but very set in his ways and how he wants things done. He loves to play, I mean loves to play using his imagination. No, no imaginary friend just imaginary situations which leads him to always fighting the air.....It is pretty entertaining

Lovely and dramatic Braxton:
She is a handful, always into what Bayler is into and also taking hold of the attention in a room and making it all about her. Believe me it is hard not to pay attention to her, she is so darn cute and funny. She is a bit on the drama queen side when she does play with Bay, very over the top if he hurts her or doesn't let her play a certain way (daddy babys her and I guess Bryan would say I baby Bayler)

He might say he is mad at me or wants to go live with his Gigi when I discipline him, but at night time is when I know he is still my little momma's boy. He says the sweetest things to me and loves on me so much. Melts my heart!

This little girl gets to me too, never in a million years would I think I would want to always I mean always want to rock her to sleep (even when she doesn't want me to) I have a beautiful custom rocker in her room (coordinates with her room I will have to post a pic) that I just love to cozy up with her and a blanket and rock her till she falls asleep. Something about watching her fall asleep on my chest makes me so happy and fulfilled as a mother. And when I make her laugh oh my she makes me laugh from just listening to her laugh.

All boy this kid is, he picks up all animals, bugs, etc anything gross basically. He is shy when he enters a room, but once comfortable he shows the awesome little man that he is. He is currently liking Transformers, Dino Dan, and just got on a Power Ranger kick. He would eat chicken until he became a chicken. He is a bit of a control and clean freak (no clue where he got this from) Turns off all lights, to save electricity; always puts his clothes in his room or laundry hamper, and very serious about brushing his teeth! He loves candy but is dreading ever having a cavity.

She is Miss Sassy but will squeeze you with so many hugs you forget looks like this one she may give you if you make her mad. She is my little eating machine. She loves just about everything, in moderation, I try to give her leftovers when we are done with leftovers and she is onto my my trick and expresses her dislikes in it. She follows me around the house, she too like to be little miss clean. Always putting toys up, bringing me shoes when left out (Bryan!!!!) love bath time, and after bath time (I blow dry her hair while she thinks she is putting make up on ) She dances, growls while playing with Bayler's toys, sings Justin Bieber's song "Baby, baby, baby, OOOHHHH" Daddy is getting a little tired of me and Gigi singing with her.

Well hope this gives you a better look at the characters my kiddos are. They are similar when it comes to smiling tons, laughing always, and always wanting hugs and kisses throughout the day. I was an only child for most of my childhood and I am loving the bond my kids are experiencing during the early part of their development!

Have a good day

Monday, February 14, 2011

All better just in time

We were feeling better by the time this weekend arrived. Thank heavens! We had a quiet night at home Friday. Bayler noticed the deer in our backyard as we were getting ready for dinner. It was a beautiful night and a lot of fun watching more and more deer come up closer to eat some bird feed. We got Bay's Valentines ready for school on Saturday and then the kids spent the night at my moms as a treat for Bryan and I so we could have a night out. We had a great time Saturday night. Got to see some wonderful people. Now our Valentine's plans????? Well I will be with my kiddos and mom while my husband continues to follow his dream.....One day be a Professional Bowler ;) Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Healthy, Almost Healty, Getting Better, and NO MORE FEVER

So here is what has been happening at the Weaver's house. I got sick on Sunday. I was no good on Monday, Bryan had to hold the fort down. Then I woke up feeling better Tuesday only to find out that Bryan was sick. So I was back to running the house. Woke up Wednesday to Miss Braxton sick....followed with Thursday morning Bayler sick. I had a chest cold, now the other three they had some type of virus, all ran a fever over 101 and their bodies were aching. Praise the Lord that it was only a 24 hour bug and that each sickness was spread out over the week. I don't know how well of a nurse I would have been to all of them. Tuesday I waited hand and foot to Mr. Bryan, Wednesday I held Miss Braxton, and Thursday I spoon fed Mr. Bayler. If you are asking yourself what was my spoil treatment when I was sick.......I am still wondering that myself. I did get to take a quiet bath and lay in my bed and watch whatever I wanted to watch on Monday evening, so I guess that counts. Here are some pics through the week, and note to self they don't appear sick!!!!First two were when daddy was sick and we made a pallet in front living area and the last one is today when they finally wore everyday clothes and let me fix their hair.

Hope everyone gets outside this weekend and enjoys the beautiful weather

From Braxton and Bayler

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I was hoping to get a family pic before Bayler's soccer game. Self timer set, my camera had a blinking light to catch Braxton's attention, it was focused and ready to shoot. I did not plan my family not cooperating. As ridiculous as it sounds, I was mad (yes at all of them) I do anything they ask of me when and whatever it may be. All I was asking was 2 minutes of smiling at the camera...... First pic would have been good if Bryan and Bayler weren't acting like Transformers, and the last one would have been good if Miss Braxton would have found the blinking light interesting. Well here they are hope you enjoy.

PS Happy Birthday to 2 amazing men in my life my cousins Nick and Nathan, I love you tons!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowed In

What a wonderful two days we have had!!! Snow to play in (when the wind died down) (and of course not little miss too cold for her) good food, and great company!

I was ready to play in the snow

Having fun on the porch because it was way too windy in the yard

Snow Angel

Fun with GiGi

Right after this move it was a quick run back into the house

He was freezing but gave me the thumbs up he was A OKAY

We can tell Sadie is getting older, she didn't last very long outside, she did not enjoy how cold her paws got!

Back to the normal casual wear

I hope everyone enjoyed the past couple of days too!