Thursday, July 28, 2011

My little chefs

So Bayler is always asking to help in the kitchen, cooking, washing dishes, setting the table, you know all the good things I hope he will continue to help with well into his teens (sarcasm) So I thought why not let him take charge and make us lunch. He was so excited and then became so serious and focused on these little pizzas. We had some English muffins, pepperonis, shredded cheese, and we made the sauce out of Ranch and mayo (promise tastes better than sounds)
Here is the chef while working. Oh and his sidekick who almost ate all the pepperonis before they hit the pizza.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Weekend, oh and my promise to be a better blogger

Little photo shoot with Miss B. I love her so much!

We had a great time at our old house enjoying our pool, yes OLD house, the contract fell thru but we are keeping our hopes high, we already have another contract they just need the sell their house so they can buy ours!!!! Keep your fingers crossed, but we are enjoying the pool :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comic Kings

A little Comic Book app by dad made!!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

New Hair Do and Future I Do's + a little Friday night family time

So we have had a pretty fun weekend, soccer game and bike riding on Friday night. Saturday my kiddos both woke up with runny noses and coughs, I think it is allergies but we hung out at the house, grilled out steak, and had a good dinner. We went out for a bit for a friends bday. Woke up Sunday with my momma making breakfast (she stayed the night since she watched the kids)
Bryan, Bayler, and I went bowling for another friends family bday party. Lindsey is not only a great friend but now she will be family.
Oh and she is also responsible for this hair do I am sporting. I hope I took notes because I loved it and hope I can do this by myself
Braxton kept saying "Petty Mommy" and "Hi Mommy" I believe that meant she liked it
Just a couple pics from Friday night, he was ready to take the training wheels off but Bryan was not ready for the possible dramatic fit he might throw when he gets use to the 2 wheels.

I know I need to get her a girl bike, but she thinks she is tough stuff on this ride

Here is the cute couple back when we went to a Dallas Cowboy game. This is my cousin Nick and his other half Lindsey. Aren't they super cute?
Because Nick knew Lindsey would read into anything off the norm, he decided since the family would all be together for her bday he would pop the question then. Lindsey loves monkeys...I mean all monkeys, pictures, stuffed animals you name it she loves it. Well she also is over the moon for Mr. Kolson, Nick's nephew, so Nick combined her 2 loves and out came Kolson dressed as a monkey with a special note..."Will you be my Aunt" Lindsey turns around and Nick is on his knee with her dream ring. Tears, smiles, and laughter filled the room.
I wish these two all the happiness in the world. Oh and she will now have big shoes to fill, she will be Lindsey King one day, and I only hope she can be as cool as I was when that was once my name, just kidding. Love you two!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011


We have been spending alot of time outside (in the evenings when the heat isn't as bad) The kids love it. We have a great set up, table and chairs in the garage, big driveway so the kids can ride their bikes, and great neighbors. Here are a couple of pics of the kids playing with some "launcher ma jig" kept them entertained for hours (Oh and they got along - thats a plus)