Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello there!!!!!

It has been a very long time since I have posted on here.  I honestly haven't even thought about my blog in a while, a friend and my mom both reminded me it has been quite some time since I updated, so here I go:
 We are just coming off of Bayler's spring break and starting Braxtons.  I had a great couple days of one on one time with my little guy.  He is growing up fast and I am so blessed to be able to spend anytime I can with him.  He is playing outdoor soccer, and practicing for Tball.  He had a couple weeks of basketball.  It was blast to watch a group of 6 6year olds play bball.  Braxton had some friends to play with on the side line, she cheers her brother on in all of his sports.  We had parent teacher conferences and his teacher said nothing but wonderful things about him.  Made Bryan and I very proud.  Miss Braxton is still dancing, getting ready for her recital (that we hope she dances at) (stage fright) she is testing Bryan and I any chance she gets.  She can make us mad and laugh all at the same time.  She tells everyone she is 3 but will turn 7....because she will be the same age as Bayler.  And I truly think she believes it.  She is doing great as well in school.  Her pictures she colors are better then any I could color.  Writing her name, learning birth dates, address, and phone number too.  We recently changed up the bedrooms, Bayler got a new room, rearranged Braxton's, and got Brook's room readyYes we named the little guy in my belly.  Had a dr appt today and he is doing great.  32 weeks along and just waiting till he makes his appearance.  Here are some pics over the past couple months