Sunday, April 25, 2010

Over the weekend....

We did a lot of family time this weekend. Friday we went to my cousin Nicole's. She made us dinner and we let the kids play and play they did, with some whining, more play, timeouts, and the night was going to end on a good note till I accidentally toss a toy and hit my kid right in between the eyes, nice I know. So that explains the black eye. He recovered after his uncle Monte gave him a toy that he could take home, thanks Monte for the save. Saturday Bayler and I went and got donuts, watched Transformers, Bryan worked, then took the kiddos over Gigi's house so Bryan and I could have a date. We ate sushi then went to a little bar and played many hours of darts. I know not completely romantic but we had a blast. Picked Braxton up, Bay stayed the night at Gigi's with his cousins Evan and Morgan. I got up on Sunday at an unbelievable 10am (thank you sweet little Braxton)then her and I headed back to my moms to have breakfast and play outside all day long......My gammy and aunt T came out so Braxton got passed around back and forth back and forth. Now we are home, Bayler is down for the night at 6pm can't believe it and I am getting ready for the week ahead. Hope all had a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To explain my title

Today Bayler leaves for school, Bryan heads to work and finally I get my house clean and organized only to have it messed up within minutes of both of them arriving home....Thus explains my title. Just when I feel caught up on all of my duties something comes along and it looks as if I have done nothing. Bayler goes to an in home preschool program under Dickie Parks (who is amazing with children). He now knows his birthday, telephone number, how to spell and write his name, and address by heart (sadly with how often we move he will have many addresses to remember). He is learning his colors and numbers in Spanish and surprisingly pronounces them better than some of his English words. Miss Braxton is rolling over both ways and is on stage 1 baby food. She is teething and as the doctor says, "A happy spitter" Which means she throws up all the time and doesn't seemed bothered by it. Bryan is busy with 3 custom homes, one spec, and selling and listing properties. I am currently taking an internet real estate course. I am reminded how much I didn't enjoy school, but it is a great opportunity for Bryan and I. We are getting our back yard ready for the summer, we will have many swim parties. But Bryan just informed me that if he doesn't sell his spec home by June we will be listing our house once again :( So our summer may be cut short with moving.......Time will tell!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Momma's Boy

He is a ball of energy, and keeps me on my toes, but boy does my heart melt when he smiles at me.....Hard to punish him:)

Sweet Baby Braxton

She loves when mommy dresses her up, just can't keep those hands out of her mouth. I fear teeth will soon be arriving.

First day of Posting

So I have done it, with the help of my girlfriend Jess. Sadly this post will be very basic and boring. We have stayed inside most of the day. Braxton had a belly ache last night so neither one of us got much sleep. But the boys got to sleep, not bad, can't have Bayler of Bryan cranky it would change the whole atmosphere of the day. I am going to try to keep everyone updated on our crazy life. Hope you enjoy:)