Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Four legged babies

I love our dogs, our children love our dogs, and from the pics I know you will fall in love too. They are such an important part of our family. So just thought I would dedicate today's blog to them

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day (better late than Never)

We had a great Father's Day. Omelets for breakfast (Bryan's fav), then went to my Papa King's to wish him a happy day, my dad was there too with some of his brothers and sisters. We are having my brother and sisters spend the night and have a fun Monday planned. I am blessed to have so many wonderful men in my life. Hope you had a great weekend and Father's Day.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Photoshoot

Just wanted to snap some photos of my kiddos today, of course never could get both to look at me at the same time, but oh well!

Can't believe this little hot shot will be 5 in September. He is my sweetie pie. He is all boy (with a momma's boy attitude)
He is rough and tough with a kind heart.
And Miss B, she is 19 months going on 13. She is such a hoot to be around, but watch out because this girl has Sass. She pretty much runs the house, and I am embarrassed to admit that. She has her daddy wrapped around her finger, her brother (even though he won't admit it) being her best bud, and keeping me on my toes at all times.
Of course I had to get in some pics.

Man times is flying by, I can't believe when this year is over Bryan and I will have a 5yr old and a 2yr old.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Water slide fun plus a little family time

We have been having some backyard fun. Bryan and I caved and bought the kids a water slide. We spend so much time outside and considering we sold our house with the pool we thought the kids (us) needed an outside activity. Well it is a hit. They love it, we love it, and it makes this summer heat not as bad.
My aunt Debi from Denver came to visit and we have been enjoying her company. She is taking tons of pics and once I get some copies from her I will post some of the cute pics we have taken over her visit.
Hope everyone enjoys their week

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Yes my Thankful Thursday goes out to my babies. I have been caught up in stress from moving, unpacking, working, and just other silliness that my kids have got the mood swings from it all. They are wonderful and energetic human beings and my world is better because of them, sure sometimes they think their names are NO and TIMEOUT, but they know I love them and we always end our days with lots of hugs and kisses.
I am Thankful to be their MOMMY!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Soccer Star

Bayler had a soccer award ceremony this past Sunday and he was so excited. He was excited to see his friends and to get a trophy. We love our team and all the kids on it.
Here is him receiving his trophy, he then walked up to a microphone and said his name. In a quiet and deep voice he said, "BAYLER"

A proud little Boy

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where we will be

So here is our home (for now). And I love it. Our family fits perfect. We are by friends and family and have made the transition with flying colors. Yes it was stressful but when it is said and done, Bryan was right, "everything will work out"
We are going to repaint the exterior, and redo the flower beds. Here is my kitchen
And the dining room
Here is Miss B's room, still need to do a little decorating
And Bay's room, he was chillin watching Tom and Jerry, a new fav of his
Entry way
Living Room, with Bryan napping on the couch
Hallway between the bedrooms

Office/PlayStation Room
Master bedroom
Master bath
And our patio, which we have been playing and relaxing on since we moved in
Hope everyone enjoys their week!