Wednesday, September 19, 2012


September has arrived and of course it is a month of celebration.  Birthdays and Bryan and my anniversary.  8 years to be exact.  We celebrated Bayler's 6th bday at the zoo and it was amazing (expect for me....forgetting the cakes) Yes I was that mom, thank heavens my cousin came to my rescue and bought me to more.  Bayler hugged me and told me it didn't matter he was happy to just have a birthday party!!!! Sweet little boy, I believe he was just trying to stop my tears from pouring out.  Then onto celebrating Bryan's sister and step dads bday.  Then to a friend of mine birthday.  And next week will be our anniversary and my dad's birthday.  So very busy month.
Wanted to keep you updated on my kiddos:
Bayler is loving school.  He loves recess the best (of course)  He is playing outdoor soccer.  He is currently into Star Wars - anything and everything Star Wars.  He has made some new friends at school and shares his daily rundown with me.  Which I love.  We do homework and read a book every night before bed.  His morning routine is, waking up with mom (me) rubbing his back and handing him a chocolate milk and the ipad.  Then I go and wake up the princess, while she is slowly waking up Bayler is getting dressed, then I dress Braxton, fix both of their hair, brush teeth, grab a breakfast snack and head out the door.  I am a helping hand at Bayler's school in the morning one day a week.  Bayler loves it which makes me love it too.
Miss B is going to a pre-school program 3 days a week.  She is one of leaders her teacher tells me and she is one of the youngest, so I am a proud mom.  She loves everything Bayler loves, because she just wants to play with him.  She wears high heels, lip gloss, and carries a light saber and wants to be called Darth Maul.  So I guess she is a little girly and a little tomboy.  She is starting to make since when she says sentences.  She is testing me every second with her attitudes.  She is in a dance class, tap and ballet.  She loves it.  She loves listening to music and insists it always be turned up. 
Both my kids are rocking a great nighttime routine, which makes my life easier.
There is just a little bit of info about our everyday life

Friday, September 7, 2012

August ReCap

It's official everyone I have a Kindergartner and a Pre Pre schooler.  Here are some pics from their first days.  Will posts all the new stories and updates on my growing babies another day.  We are very busy here at the Weaver household between our company, getting ready to move, dance classes, soccer practices and games.  Oh and having to go to bed early so EVERYBODY wakes up in a good mood.  Happy Friday to everyone