Love of my Life

Bryan is my best friend and I am his.  We have so many things in common yet we are so different.  I am loud, he is quiet, I am a worrier, he is relaxed, I am anxious, he is patient, etc.  Though through our differences we have found a love for one another that is more than I dreamed of ever having.  We laugh daily.  When we have days of sadness we cry with one another.  On days when one of us is weak the other will do everything to pick the other one up.  We have been friends for going on 14 years, been a couple for going on 10 years and married 6.  I admit marriage is a crazy road but I am glad to have him as my partner on this ride.  Bryan and I are still trying each day to make our marriage better and our blog will take you on that journey with us.