Friday, February 24, 2012

First T Ball practice

Last night was our first official t ball practice. Of course Wednesday was beautiful, warm, no wind and then Thursday as we are driving to practice the temp drops 10degrees and the wind is crazy. Thank heavens Braxton fell asleep so she didn't have to get out in the cold. The boys did great, practice was rushed since it was so cold but they all looked like they had a great time. I had this image of getting tons of pics but it was too cold for this momma. Thank heavens there will be many more in our future. Happy Friday to everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brother vs. Sister

For the past couple weeks it has pretty much been an ongoing match, Bayler vs. Braxton:
yelling, not sharing, pinching, pushing, scaring, anything you can think of it has been happening.
So I thought I would share who does what:
Bayler loves to pester Braxton. She can be playing dolls and he walks over and knocks them over. She can be drawing and he steps on her book or takes her crayon and throws it across the room. Braxton hanging out all my herself, and next thing you know he jumps out and scares her.
Last nights pester game was taking off all of her Valentine stickers she worked so hard to put up. She gets so mad and then she gets your payback face on
Braxton loves bossing Bayler. Bayler is believe it or not my more sensitive child so he usually cries or acts out a lot sooner then Braxton who bottles it up and then explodes when she has had too much (can you say me and Bryan's personalities) Braxton loves to tell Bayler to "get outta here" "go to time out" "go to your room Bay Bay" which is followed with a "you're not the boss of me" screaming match. Braxton loves pinching Bayler, whenever and wherever. She loves stealing his toys and then running as fast as she can to get away. She loves tearing up his "artwork" Last night they argued because Braxton would not let Bayler on the couch.

I grew up as an only child until I was 12 and to be honest I would have been an awful sister if I would have found any reason to pester or be mean to my younger siblings, plus I consider each of them gifts from my dad and step mother. Seeing this sibling rivalry is so interesting to me. I definitely choose my battles before I intervene. They are starting to fight and make up all on their own. Now please know they do not fight all the time, like I have said before they have a love/pester relationship. I have noticed Bayler likes to get a reaction out of Braxton and Braxton loves to get Bayler to interact with her (even if it might end with a light saber to the head) Again this is something I see that Bryan and I do in our everday lives, Bryan loves teasing me to get a reaction, and I love bothering Bryan just enough so he will laugh or yell(never) at me.
I love that my kids have each other and I hope they stay close as years pass

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hugs and KISSES

Sending hugs and big KISSES to all of our loved ones on Valentines Day

Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day

So I caved and let my child who yes has a little cough and runny nose play outside in the snow! Call me a bad mom, but he calls me "The best mom in the world" So I feel much better, for the moment
This is him outside the window because it was way to cold for me to hang out there and take a million pics of him and the first 2012 snow storm, hehe. But of course I still took a ton of pics but mostly from the inside looking out
Batters up, me throwing snowball, he well you get it
"Watch out mom, here comes a snowball"
And if you were wondering where the princess was, well she was catching up on her beauty sleep as all princess do on a cold, snowy day
Hope everyone had a nice and warm Monday

Friday, February 10, 2012

Girls Day

While the boys are watching Star Wars 3D, Braxton and I decided to get her first manicure. She did so well and couldn't stop saying, "I love purple" so you guessed it....she got her nails painted PURPLE
Love Girls Day and can't wait for the many more we will share

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This & That

So I am going to try weekly (hopefully) just giving updates on what we/the kids have been up to. Bayler is going to school 4 days a week. He knows how to write his first and last name. Months/ Days/ Seasons. Number/ English and Spanish. He is on List 5 on site words. He is really into decorating his room right now. Anything he sees in magazines, birthday cards, newspapers, coloring books etc go on his walls. I am allowing this for the moment. He is so proud and walks us through his room telling us why he chose that picture and why it belongs where he put it. Braxton stays home with me and has her days where she is my little helper and then the days where she thinks the only thing I should be doing is WHATEVER she wants me to do. She is counting to 10.....she really likes the number 2 so it sounds like, 1-2-2-2-2-2-3-4-5 etc. She is potty trained, I know I may have already posted this but YEAAAAA! I am excited. She is in her big girl bed and for the most part stays in it all night. She is loving Barbie right now. If if a doll or a princess isn't a Barbie to you, it is to Braxton. She will be going to the Mothers Day out this Summer with Bayler and I think I might go crazy the first couple days. It has been about 3 years since I had a day or days to myself. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday