Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello there!!!!!

It has been a very long time since I have posted on here.  I honestly haven't even thought about my blog in a while, a friend and my mom both reminded me it has been quite some time since I updated, so here I go:
 We are just coming off of Bayler's spring break and starting Braxtons.  I had a great couple days of one on one time with my little guy.  He is growing up fast and I am so blessed to be able to spend anytime I can with him.  He is playing outdoor soccer, and practicing for Tball.  He had a couple weeks of basketball.  It was blast to watch a group of 6 6year olds play bball.  Braxton had some friends to play with on the side line, she cheers her brother on in all of his sports.  We had parent teacher conferences and his teacher said nothing but wonderful things about him.  Made Bryan and I very proud.  Miss Braxton is still dancing, getting ready for her recital (that we hope she dances at) (stage fright) she is testing Bryan and I any chance she gets.  She can make us mad and laugh all at the same time.  She tells everyone she is 3 but will turn 7....because she will be the same age as Bayler.  And I truly think she believes it.  She is doing great as well in school.  Her pictures she colors are better then any I could color.  Writing her name, learning birth dates, address, and phone number too.  We recently changed up the bedrooms, Bayler got a new room, rearranged Braxton's, and got Brook's room readyYes we named the little guy in my belly.  Had a dr appt today and he is doing great.  32 weeks along and just waiting till he makes his appearance.  Here are some pics over the past couple months

Friday, January 11, 2013

Been a long time with a lot happening!!!!

So time has been flying by and I have just neglected to stay current with my blog.  Let's see Christmas has come and gone,  a New Year has began, and we found out that we will be having a little boy.  We are so excited.  We had a great Christmas and holiday break.  We did lots of family gatherings and when we weren't out and about we were rocking comfy pajamas and staying home.  Santa was kind to the kids, Bryan surprised me with some thoughtful gifts and he was very happy with the presents from me and the kids.  Uncle Brett came to visit and the kids enjoyed all the time they could with him.  We had a low key New Years and have got back into the regular routine now that school has started back up.  Our company is going into 2013 with several customs, we are very grateful for this2013 is looking good so far.  Well if I am forgetting anything it is because my brain is on overload and I have a strong feeling that when baby #3 comes I will have to schedule time to THINK lol. Here are some pics over our break

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

We had a great Thanksgiving and since the weather was so nice we decided to go pick out our Christmas Tree.  Kids had a blast picking and cutting it down.  Moving from one holiday to the next.  Love this time of year.  Hope all of you enjoyed your holiday!!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy birthday to little Miss B

 3 months old
 1year old
 2 years old
3 years old
Miss Braxton turns 3 years old today.  I can't believe it.  She is growing up so fast.  When "planning my future"....husband, career, children etc, I always dreamed of having a little girl.  What she would look like, how she would act, hearing her little voice say, momma....My daughter Braxton has been a dream come true.  Each day has been such a blessing for me, I don't even know what my life was like before her.  Some days she says, "I want you mommy" and always say back, "Braxton I always want you"  She is such a beautiful little person.  Watching my children grow, as individuals, and as siblings has been so fun and at times entertaining and crazy.  She definitely keeps everyone on their toes.  She loves to dance, sing (in a very raspy voice) play baby dolls, play with her big brother, love on Sam and Sadie (our labs) run errands with her daddy, get ready with mommy.  She says "yea" after everything she says....I want fruit loops, yea, Bayler won't share, yea, I am going to be scared when I go to bed, yea.  It is very funny.  She also follows anything I say with "oh".  She can trace her name, knows her phone number, learning her address, knows her ABC's, she is practicing writing them.  Knows her colors, trouble with brown and black.  Has to sleep with her blanket and 2 kitty cats.  And does not like MILK, just like her daddy.  She eats and will try all food.  She loves purple and princesses, but will play rough and tough with her big brother.  Now I am off to finish baking and icing a barbie cake, we will see how this turns out~

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Octobers Run Down

We have had a very fun October.  Celebrated my sister Kelsy's 18th birthday, celebrated Bryan's 31st, had school parties, and went trick or treating.  We also went on a quick trip to Denver to watch the Broncos play the Saints with all my cousins.  I went to the doctor last week and got to see baby #3.  He or she looked perfect.  I am feeling a bit more energized these days, not as nauseous, still don't have an appetite in the evenings and still starving in the mornings, but all in all feeling great.  Kids are doing great in school.  Currently enjoying pestering each other ALL OF THE TIME.  Bayler has started to have an interest in doing laundry (I am supporting this)  Braxton is currently throwing a fit any and every time we dress her.   They are very attached to me here lately.  Bayler likes to have the "so how was your day conversations" and Braxton likes to assign us different names and play in character.  We are all moved into our new house, YEA!!!!! I am going to try to be a better blogger :) Above are some pics from our month

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We are happy to announce that we will be adding to our family of four.  Baby Weaver will be making it's appearance in May and making us a Party of Five.  We are so excited.  We went to the doctor yesterday and got to see our peanut and decided to share the news with the kids.  They are so excited.  Bayler understands it more and is requesting a brother and Braxton wants to be a little momma. She wants to feed and hold the baby.  Keep us in your prayers for healthy baby, healthy momma, and safe and sound pregnancy!!!!!
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


September has arrived and of course it is a month of celebration.  Birthdays and Bryan and my anniversary.  8 years to be exact.  We celebrated Bayler's 6th bday at the zoo and it was amazing (expect for me....forgetting the cakes) Yes I was that mom, thank heavens my cousin came to my rescue and bought me to more.  Bayler hugged me and told me it didn't matter he was happy to just have a birthday party!!!! Sweet little boy, I believe he was just trying to stop my tears from pouring out.  Then onto celebrating Bryan's sister and step dads bday.  Then to a friend of mine birthday.  And next week will be our anniversary and my dad's birthday.  So very busy month.
Wanted to keep you updated on my kiddos:
Bayler is loving school.  He loves recess the best (of course)  He is playing outdoor soccer.  He is currently into Star Wars - anything and everything Star Wars.  He has made some new friends at school and shares his daily rundown with me.  Which I love.  We do homework and read a book every night before bed.  His morning routine is, waking up with mom (me) rubbing his back and handing him a chocolate milk and the ipad.  Then I go and wake up the princess, while she is slowly waking up Bayler is getting dressed, then I dress Braxton, fix both of their hair, brush teeth, grab a breakfast snack and head out the door.  I am a helping hand at Bayler's school in the morning one day a week.  Bayler loves it which makes me love it too.
Miss B is going to a pre-school program 3 days a week.  She is one of leaders her teacher tells me and she is one of the youngest, so I am a proud mom.  She loves everything Bayler loves, because she just wants to play with him.  She wears high heels, lip gloss, and carries a light saber and wants to be called Darth Maul.  So I guess she is a little girly and a little tomboy.  She is starting to make since when she says sentences.  She is testing me every second with her attitudes.  She is in a dance class, tap and ballet.  She loves it.  She loves listening to music and insists it always be turned up. 
Both my kids are rocking a great nighttime routine, which makes my life easier.
There is just a little bit of info about our everyday life