Thursday, April 28, 2011

Snip Snip

I finally could not stand the constant hair in the eyes, the pulling ponytails out, and with allergy season in affect the hair stuck to the face with snot!!!! I know gross right? Well I went to my friend Robin and she got to work on this little diva. Braxton had a cracker in one hand, a ring pop in the other and still she was not entertained! So Robin paused, got her a play phone, cut cut, paused again and I had to jump in the seat with Miss B, cut some more, then finally Robin found the winner - a mini piano and finally the haircut was complete.

Isn't she a doll

Monday, April 25, 2011

Can't plan everything

So our Easter was nothing like I planned it to be. Bayler woke up around 2 am with an upset stomach, he was throwing up every 30 minutes. Bless his heart, just as he would fall asleep he would wake up and get sick. If you were wondering, Yes I did get thrown up on, yes he threw up in my bed, yes he threw up on my bath rug, and yes he threw up on my wall. Like the picture I painted for you???? The throw up fest went on from 2am to 7:30am. (No worries Bryan went and laid in Bay's bed so he could get rest....and boy did he need it because I was sick on Sunday)
I woke up around 9am with the worse belly ache ever. I was no good on Easter Sunday. Had to cancel all of our plans. It made me so sad we weren't going to see our family. I was even more sad when all Bryan and the kids had to eat was a chicken pot pie and a frozen pizza .....I told Bryan "One of his best Easter dinners"wink wink. So tonight (since I and Bay are fully recovered) I would make one of Bryan's fav dinners. Chicken Swiss Bake. Bryan's mom brought us a basket of fresh strawberries the night before pukefest 2011 began, so we had those for dessert. And boy were they delish.

Chicken Swiss Bake is simple and delicious:
4 chicken breast cooked
1 package chicken flavored stuffing mix
1 can cream of chicken
4 slices Swiss cheese
1 cup milk
1 cup melted butter
After cooking chicken, place in baking dish, cover with swiss cheese
Mix milk and soup mix and pour over chicken and cheese
then pour dry stuffing mix over that
then microwave butter till melted then pour on the top of stuffing
Bake at 375 for 30minutes and prepare your family for an awesome dinner

So since my kids missed out on the family Easter egg hunt (oh and the fact that I had 40 candy filled eggs ready to go) we had a Weaver living room Easter egg hunt.

Between the times that Bayler and I were feeling not so bad, I explained to him the importance of Easter. Since then he has been asking so many questions, questions that are showing his interest in learning more and more about God and all the stories of his word. He got out his bible today and we read the story about David and Goliath, he wants to hear about Noah's Ark next. To be honest I am a little emotional about all of this because it has been awhile since I actually read the bible and it felt great to be reading it again and also to be reading it to my children. Hope everyone had a great (sick free) Easter and continue to have a great week.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our Thursday and Friday

My mom got a half day off on Thursday so we took advantage of that and ate goodies, exchanged Easter baskets, and dyed Easter eggs. Braxton didn't get to dye eggs but she got to color eggs in a coloring book, hey I tried to at least include her, I was already a nervous wreck with my son and the dye. But it was fun and he was very creative. We dyed them first and then he tie dyed them. Thank you Gigi for bring the baskets and egg dying fun. We love you.
We spent Friday evening at my cousin Nicole's house. It was a beautiful night so we spent it on their back patio. We grew up together and to this day remain close and we love that our kiddos enjoy their time together. Thanks Coley for having me and my family over. We love you!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Outside looking in OR Inside looking out

Yesterday Braxton started running a fever. She wasn't cranky just very needy. Thanks to my mom, she watched Braxton so I could go watch Bayler play his last soccer game. Little Miss would not have lasted in the dust storm we were in out there at the soccer fields. So when we returned to my mom's house of course Bay wanted to play outside and all Miss B could do was just watch and wish.
Thankfully Bayler was feeling a bit sincere and played with her thru the screen. Running by, scaring her, making silly faces, anything to make her laugh.

He was even generous enough to give a kiss thru the screen

Scary Face
I know "pretty scary right?"

Happy Monday to you All

Sunday, April 17, 2011

With the ones we Love

We had Bryan's dad's side of the family over Saturday and it was a blast. We couldn't have asked for better weather. The kids played outside the whole time. We did an early Easter Egg hunt. We exchanged presents for the little ones and ate some delish food. I love that the kids are so close in age and love being around each other.

These cute kiddos are my friend Traci and Matt's kids (Matt is Bryan's cousin - Bayler is 6 months older than Steeler and Ames is 5 months older than Braxton - I mean it is like Traci and I planned all of this)

I can't wait for the many more memories we will share
Hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Game of Tag

A Game of Tag I was tagged by my friend Jennifer. She and I went to high school together. She was a pom girl and I was a cheerleader so we spent many Friday nights together. Then after college we would run into each other and have the best time. Now we follow each others family through the great world of blogging!!!! You can follow her too here

Places I Go:

1. Bayler's school

2. My moms house

3. My husband's family's land

4. Homeland

Favorite Smells:

1. Anything cinnamon

2. Cranberry Muffin by Scentsy

3. My mom's house

4. Laundry detergent

TV Shows:

1. Modern Family

2. Parenthood

3. Chelsey Lately

4. American Idol

Favorite Movies:

1. AnchorMan

2. The Family Stone

3. The Wedding Date

4. Date Night


1. Chill out more

2. Don't always think the worse

3. Laugh ALOT

4. Family time is important

Favorite Things To Do:

1. Hang with my family

2. Cooking

3. Date Nights

4. Dance parties with my kiddos


1. Call of Duty (my husband's fav)

2. How the smell of bacon stays in your house all day

3. Being late

4. Messy house

Friends to tag:

1. Carissa Miller: Carissa and I met in college and became great friends right off. She is an awesome friend, wife, mother etc. I love her blog, it gives recipes, stories, and her amazing photography follow her too here

2. Brenda Wright: Brenda is my best friend's mother, and since Brad and I have been friends so long she is kinda like a mom to me. She is one of the sweetest and caring people I know and I love that now my children get to grow up with her grandbabies. Her blog is filled with all of her creative ideas and stories of her family. Follow her here

3. Amberleigh Elliot: Amberleigh and I went to highschool together and reunited with our blogs. I love her photography and her stories. She is very inspirational and creative. Follow her here

4. Jenn Jewell: Jennifer and I went to highschool together and we were both on the cheer squad together. Every time I read her blog I always come away with it with a smile or peace of mind that all will be okay. She shares her family stories, pictures, and more importantly inspirational scriptures. I love her then and love her today!!! You can follow her here

Thanks Jennifer for sharing this Game of Tag with me and allowing me to tag some of my favorite ladies

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I may not be bathing suit ready but they are

My kids are loving the outdoors. We go outside before dinner - we go back outside after dinner. I love watching them play and explore together. My mom and I were talking about how everything is always so new to the kids. Bubbles, sprinklers, sidewalk chalk, etc., they are so excited as if it was their first time. They are growing up so they experience it all over again; they see if differently with each new year. I love watching their happiness with some of life's simplest things. Seeing them so joyful makes my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. I know it is mid April but the weather was beautiful and I thought why not, Bayler was super surprised when I said, "Sure you can play in the sprinklers"
"Your the best mom ever!!!!"

Please note: we are remodeling our landscaping so don't judge the nonexistence of flowers and lack of flower beds!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh how we love to be outside

So if you will be wondering where the Weavers will be this summer, here are some pics to give you a clue. We just need to redesign our landscaping (thanks to Brad Wright) and open our pool, just waiting on the Oklahoma weather to make its mind up.

Jealous Ladies

Are you still jealous ;)

My little model

Can you say "cheese"

Bubble time

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mirrors, fake eyelashes, wigs, and empty toilet paper rolls

My title pretty much describes what my weekend was filled with. We are getting new furniture so I am moving some decor around, one is a mirror, the kids found it (wasn't hard to find) (and not in a very smart location) they loved watching themselves in it reflection.

Then Saturday night was a girls night for me. It was a friend's bday so we celebrated with fake eyelashes, wigs and a limo. I know pretty pimp :) We had a lot of fun and stayed up way too late!

Then Sunday we relaxed at home, my mom came over and we made a delish dinner.

Meet our Robot friend. Note: I had no glue and limited space to staple the things together. So I will be visiting a craft store to get some goodies for our next art project

So also posing with our Robot friend is my son, I know you couldn't tell because he too was a piece of art. I take NO credit for his artwork!

Happy week to everyone