Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy birthday to little Miss B

 3 months old
 1year old
 2 years old
3 years old
Miss Braxton turns 3 years old today.  I can't believe it.  She is growing up so fast.  When "planning my future"....husband, career, children etc, I always dreamed of having a little girl.  What she would look like, how she would act, hearing her little voice say, momma....My daughter Braxton has been a dream come true.  Each day has been such a blessing for me, I don't even know what my life was like before her.  Some days she says, "I want you mommy" and always say back, "Braxton I always want you"  She is such a beautiful little person.  Watching my children grow, as individuals, and as siblings has been so fun and at times entertaining and crazy.  She definitely keeps everyone on their toes.  She loves to dance, sing (in a very raspy voice) play baby dolls, play with her big brother, love on Sam and Sadie (our labs) run errands with her daddy, get ready with mommy.  She says "yea" after everything she says....I want fruit loops, yea, Bayler won't share, yea, I am going to be scared when I go to bed, yea.  It is very funny.  She also follows anything I say with "oh".  She can trace her name, knows her phone number, learning her address, knows her ABC's, she is practicing writing them.  Knows her colors, trouble with brown and black.  Has to sleep with her blanket and 2 kitty cats.  And does not like MILK, just like her daddy.  She eats and will try all food.  She loves purple and princesses, but will play rough and tough with her big brother.  Now I am off to finish baking and icing a barbie cake, we will see how this turns out~

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